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Improve balance & coordination, gain strength & stability, tone abs, legs & core while also achieving a slimmer mid section

Solofit Balance Board with Resistance Bands

Our fitness board with it's resistance bands are ideal for all sorts of workouts such as balancing drills, core and biceps workouts. Try out your usual bodyweight workout such as planks and pushups on this balance board and notice an immediate burn in your core!

Your or old, it's never too late to start! Once you've experienced the benefits of Solofit, you'll be hooked on the balance game for the rest of your life too!

"Happy Customers"

My wife is a classroom school teacher. She stands on this Balance Board off and on throughout the day in order to get out of her desk chair and get some exercise. Other teachers in her school have seen her Balance Board and have ordered for themselves. Her sixth grade students think it is great to see their teacher on a balance board. She has started a rage.

John Watson

This thing will definitely improve your workout and make you sweat!! I had the opportunity to try it at my college's gym and wanted to buy my own for months! Definitely you will feel the heat in your muscles and well the balance board helps you intensify your routine, not to mention how it helps to improve posture and your balance. Awesome product!!

Emma Brown

It's fun to use. Works great as long as your balance is good. You can really feel it working on your core. The board itself is made of a nice, thick, durable plastic that is lightweight while still being strong and durable.

Christine Hazen  

This was such a smart purchase for me. I really despise going to the gym and having this fitness board makes it so much easier to exercise right in your own home while watching tv. I already noticed the difference after one month of using it for about 20 minutes a day. The board is very sturdy and fun, great for people who don’t have enough time!

K. Rodriguez



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